The Instant Lean Series is a collection of books that aim to equip the reader with the required knowledge needed to function in a Lean environment.

The Books are all pocket sized and are designed to function as ‘handy manuals’ that can be kept in a desk or workplace, so that when needed they are instantly at hand.


Hence the name - Instant Lean.

Tools for Success  

This pocket book is a handy reference for the processes and tools that surround Lean methodology.

This book will provide you with all the information that you require to function in a busy Lean environment, without the complicated explanations that you see in many publications.


Tools for Success, will help you understand the various tools and take you through their application, helping you to understand where, when and how to deploy them.





Practical Quality


This handy pocket sized book is designed to be used by anyone that is involved in the area of continuous improvement with a particular focus on Quality. This is an excellent resource of Quality tools for Managers, Team Leaders and Facilitators.


Practical Quality provides a simple concise point of reference of all the day to day quality tools required to function in a modern Lean work place, without the complex explainations you see in many publications.


Practical Quality




Effective Kaizen


Specifically for those involved with facilitating Kaizen events and Improvement workshops. This book takes you through the process of picking, planning, running and following up on Kaizen events.

The book includes tips and tricks on how to run exciting high impact events.


Effective Kaizen also takes you though the process of following up on Kaizen activities in an effective manner, ensuring that the gains are  sustained and maintained.




Effective Kaizen 

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