Our 5 Step Approach

Business improvement through the development

of culture, leaders and teams




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This is a 2 stage process.

Initial meeting

It would not make any sense to just dive in. So we need to simply talk. We will listen and explain the process to you. The benefits and the pitfalls.

Change is not easy, it is was everyone would be doing it and doing it well.

Let us come to you wherever you are, there’s no charge, and it will allow us to understand you and your organisation a little better.


Operational Assessment

Once you are happy with the process, we will conduct and assessment. This is the analytical part of the process where we look under to bonnet of your organisation using data.

We will look how your business is performing now. The current state. Then, taking into account many factors such as your business plan, targets, key metrics, current business agility levels etc, we will look at what is possible. The future state.

This normally takes just a few days. It will give you clarity and the confidence about the direction and how you can improve your operations. 


Strategy Development

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A well developed strategy is viral right from the start. In our experience, very few organisations have a clear operations plan in place that focuses on sustainable operational improvement.


Our goal is not to change your business plan, but to help you develop a plan that will give your business an operational strategy for grown from improvement. Making your business more agile and flexible.


We place people front and centre of the plan. Because  recognise that an organisations only appreciating asset are its people


Our goal is to ensure that your people and processes are primed for growth.

We will then jointly develop a strategy that will be both achievable and challenging. Allowing to to stretch your organisation and get the best out of your people.

We will not loose any of the good stuff that’s already in place, we will aim to develop it, whilst developing a strategy to strengthen and improve the areas of business that need attention.

In todays rapidly changing world, it is vital we look at how we can develop peoples skills to equip them ready for the digital world businesses are now facing. We will ensure this is built into the strategic  



Process Improvement

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Leaving the whiteboards and PowerPoint theories in the classroom, we work with your operations team to make change happen. Our goal is to develop skills  quickly through a mixture of learning by doing and mentoring We need to in still quickly the idea and belief the change can be an enjoyable process for teams when the right support and guidance is in place.

Using the strategy developed previously, we work with you, helping you quickly take advantage of your greatest opportunities for improvement and build momentum. 

Excolo and its expertise can help you get flow quickly into your processes your organisation, making sure people can not only see the immediate benefits, but will start to buy in to the idea that, done correctly  change is not difficult 

Longer term, the organisation will start to see what is possible..


People Development

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The heartbeat of every organisation is its people.


At all levels, an organisations people need to be equipped with the tools to make things happen.

At Excolo, we do not underestimate the challenge of leading improvement. Improvement involves leadership by example and leaders that are equipped to set the tone. 

The problem is that many leadership training programmes are ineffective. Focusing on theory and not the real world. Added to this, leaders need to be trained to work in the modern digital world. They need to have the ability to collect and analyse data, then make discussions based to the results. In short they need to leading their teams in an autonomous manner, based on data.


Our Leadership and People Development Programmes are designed to build capability within an organisation and deliver significant results. A mentor will will be put in place to support your leaders not only to deliver results in the short to medium term, but also to become internal mentors for your company in the future.

At Excolo, we also recognise that People at all levels need to be training and familiar with problem solving skills. Our Problem solving training programmes will give everyone the skills to contribute to both problem solving and process improvement. Laying the foundations to autonomous team working in the digital world.



Ongoing support

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Our goal is to ensure that all the tools and skills are in place to allow your improvement programme to be run and flourish internally, with minimal external support. However The partnership doesn’t stop there.


Organisational improvement is a journey not a sprint, and should never be considered a ‘one-off’ activity

Its Continuous Improvement.


Our roll will change. We will be on hand to offer support , guidance and advice, as and when you need it.

The success and growth of your business is of great importance to us, and we’ll be with you every step of your jou