What we do

Business improvement through the development

of culture, leaders and teams

We make change happen

Its a fact, most businesses struggle to develop and implement a solid operational strategy that works and more importantly sticks.

Organisations tend to bite off more than they can chew, especially when it comes to improvement initiatives. Struggling with programmes that do not clearly align with each other or to its overall  business objectives

The vast majority of the time, the culture is a roadblock to improvement. An organisations people, which are so often its strength, struggle with change. They resist it.


At Excolo we understand this problem. Our Implementation model seeks to engage an organisations people  all levels , getting them to understand what has to be done and why.

Whether you’re a large or small organisation, our model will help you harness your organisation’s capabilities and use your competitive advantage to grow and succeed

Its a fact, businesses where the people are full engaged outperform their competitors and thrive.  They become High Performance Organisations.


These organisations think and behave strategically in order to achieve clear objectives in line with their core purpose. 

Organisational change
80% cultural change
20% physical change